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New Patients

Information for new patients

Licensed naturopathic doctors are medically trained and naturally focused.  Naturopathic medicine incorporates clinical diagnosis and lab testing with holistic treatments to provide an approach that treats the entire person, not just symptoms.  Treatment plans are individualized to your specific goals and needs.

With 90 minute first appointments and 30-45 minute follow-ups, we cover all aspects of your health and you are not limited to discussing one or two concerns.

Naturopathic medicine appointments are covered by most extended health plans -- please contact your insurance provider for information.

Your Initial Visit

Your first visit is 90 minutes long investigating you current concerns and medical history including past and present lifestyle factors, diet, and emotional wellbeing.  Naturopathic care looks at the whole person to determine the underlying cause.

  • If you have had recent blood work, lab testing, or imaging performed by your medical doctor or other health care professional, please bring a copy to your first appointment.  Naturopathic care aims to optimize health and general blood work is often assessed to examine parameters of health.
  • Additional laboratory or functional testing may be required to establish a diagnosis or help direct treatment.

Your Follow-up Visit

This appointment is 30-45 minutes long.  We will review your current progress, treatment plan, and goals.  

  • Subsequent appointments are scheduled according to your treatment goals and are required to assess progress and to make adjustments in treatment as necessary.

Phone Consultations

Phone and Skype consultations are available follow-up appointments for existing patients.

  • All patients must be seen in person for initial visits in order to ensure any required physical examination is performed.


New patients may book for acupuncture.

  • Acupuncture is ideally performed on a weekly basis for 4-6 weeks.
  • Follow-up acupuncture appointments are 30 minutes.
  • *Please note: a full-length naturopathic initial visit may be required based on your health concerns.

Bodywork - Bowen Technique & Craniosacral Therapy.

  • New patients can book appointments focused on bodywork.  These appointments include assessment and treatment.

  • *Please note: a full-length initial visit may be required depending on your health concerns.  Dr. Lantz will work with your treatment goals and health concerns to determine the best course of treatment.  

Learn more about naturopathic medicine.


Naturopathic Appointments

Initial visit - 90 min - $195

Follow-up - 30-45 min - $100

Naturopathic Bodywork

Bowen technique (60 min total) with 15 minute naturopathic consult - $120

Craniosacral therapy - 60 min - $120

Lab Testing

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

Urine Hormone Testing

CDSA - Stool Analysis

Neurotransmitter Testing

Vitamin D Blood Test


Appointment fees are covered by most extended health plans - ask your insurance provider for more details